The Triad System

The Triad System

Dear Roulette Player:

In its present format, roulette is an unbeatable game.  The house advantage is 5.26.  The TRIAD has changed that!

Not only will you see how to overcome the house advantage, I will teach you how to recognize the winning cycles and increase your win probability factor to more than 99.5%.

The TRIAD System is a three part money management method that gives you a visual of how you stand in the series and tells you what bets to make on the next spin.

I have students all over the world who are winning on average, seventeen out of twenty sessions.

It has taken me more than 20 years to develop the Triad System and fine tune it to what it has become today, ..................the best money management method and teaching tool on the market!

In 1991 we introduced a software program to aid our students in learning the betting strategies that are necessary in producing winning results at the casino table.  With the software, our students can have a hands on experience applying the Triad method using the Triad System to make your bets, choose the dollar amount and pick the sector.   With the click of the mouse you will see the chips being placed on the sector of the table you picked, and you will see the number hit, and the payoff results of your choice, plus the accumulated amount tabulated.

The Tri-sector score sheet and the betting strategies used are the most critical part of the system.  The slide guide calculator is the genius that picks the sectors for you prior to play.

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